Here’s what people are saying about Cirque-It Fitness!

I am obsessed with Cirque-It Fitness…and the excitement on our members’ faces when learning about our new class tells me they will soon be obsessed too!

I was really excited to hear that Cirque-It Fitness was coming to our club. The uniqueness of the program and equipment definitely grabs the attention of our members.

After being trained in Cirque-It Fitness and starting to teach, I can honestly say that I have never seen our members sweat as much as they do in a Cirque-It Fitness class…and we try to kick their butts every hour of every day! Not only is this class a killer workout and something to keep our members challenged and focused, it is a great revenue building opportunity for trainers and instructors. Because this is such a special format we treat it as small group training so we can really get hands on with our members and pay special attention to their form while motivating them…we don’t always get to do this with our large classes!

I love teaching Cirque-It Fitness and my favorite part of every class is when members walk in the door and tell me they are nervous or scared to try something new, which shows just how unique the program really is. They leave feeling accomplished, sweaty and say ‘that was harder then I thought.’

As a groupex instructor it is very refreshing to have creative freedom when designing a class. After completing the Cirque-It Fitness workshop I had the tools to create a fun, well rounded butt-kicking workout. Although there is a lot to learn when starting the Cirque-It Fitness program ,you are still able to bring your own style and personality into your class design. With the aerial silks and trapeze bar the options are really endless with the fun and crazy things you can do. It is also very easy to adapt to the members’ abilities, increasing or decreasing difficulty.

From exercisers:

Wow, this is really well rounded and way harder then I expected it to be!

I am definitely coming next week! That was fun!

Do we like hang from that fabric and stuff? That sounds pretty cool!

I am not going to be able to walk tomorrow but I LOVE IT!