What are the benefits of the workout?2018-09-30T01:44:36+00:00
Cirque-It Fitness has numerous benefits! It’s a great whole-body workout that gives you cardio and resistance training in a short amount of time. It’s also excellent cross-training for many other sports, including running, surfing, biking, and team sports. The workout challenges grip strength, balance, coordination and quadruped movement in a way few other workouts do, making it wonderful training and preparation for mud run and obstacle events. Finally, because class is limited to 8 people, you’ll get more personalized attention and coaching than you can in large classes of almost 30 people, such as you might find at other boutique fitness facilities or group exercise classes.

I want to try Cirque-It Fitness, but I don’t have much upper body strength, I feel out of shape, etc. etc.2019-04-16T04:01:29+00:00
What does the ringmaster say at the circus? Come one, come all.  Your CIF coach will guide you in challenging yourself to your own ability. Show up and have fun.

What should I wear to class?2018-04-16T04:10:09+00:00

Wear athletic clothes you can move in easily and athletic shoes.  Please, leave your jewelry outside of class and do not wear any workout gear with decorations that can get caught on things.

What should I bring to class?2019-04-16T04:02:23+00:00

It’s a great idea to bring a water bottle and towel to class. Bring a willingness to do your best.


What do I do to stay certified as a Cirque-It Fitness instructor?2018-07-12T01:32:22+00:00

The easiest way to stay certified is to become a member of our Cirque-It Pro subscription. For $29.99/month, you will receive new content and music that you can mix and match with the tracks you already have. With Cirque-It Fitness, you can plan your music and choose your class for the day in just a couple of minutes, leaving you more free time outside of class!

I don’t have a background in aerial or circus training; can I still teach this class?2018-04-14T16:27:01+00:00

YES! Cirque-It Fitness is not a circus class; it’s “circus-infused circuit training.” You will learn everything you need to know to get started in Cirque-It Fitness at our one-day workshop.

What does Cirque-It Fitness offer me that other trainings don’t?2018-04-16T00:56:48+00:00

More revenue potential! Cirque-It Fitness classes will have 8 people, thus justifying a higher price point than equipment-free classes that can have as many as 30 people. Clients know they are getting personalized attention (you don’t do the workout in Cirque-It Fitness classes), and you can include this value in your pricing model.


What support do I get after my studio completes a training and purchases equipment?2019-01-29T16:05:55+00:00

Your monthly licensing fee covers new content, exercises, and inclusion in our studio/instructor network. This helps you keep the content engaging and fresh while making sure people know you offer this innovative modality on the cutting edge of fitness.

My client base doesn’t really have a lot of young people – I don’t think this would be a good investment for me.2018-04-14T16:25:40+00:00

You might be surprised! Exercisers from teenage years to age 70 have enjoyed Cirque-It Fitness classes. The great thing about Cirque-It Fitness is that people of many different fitness levels can workout together in a fun, supportive environment and still be challenged.

Won’t my clients get bored from the structure?2018-04-16T00:58:33+00:00

No! Cirque-It Fitness workouts offer a wonderful balance of structure and innovation. Clients will appreciate that they always get a high-quality, full-body workout that’s fun and different every time.

How quickly can I pay off the equipment and training?2018-09-30T01:34:07+00:00

Studios can see an ROI in as little as one month! By investing in a portable rig, you can get even more return out of the equipment by offering on-site, “pop-up” Cirque-It Fitness classes at corporate offices and other facilities.

My studio is small and has a low ceiling. Can I still add Cirque-It Fitness?2018-04-16T00:59:23+00:00

Yes! Only a couple hundred square feet are required to run a Cirque-It Fitness class. Our equipment attaches to a ceiling of normal height (or higher) and is easy to attach and detach to keep studio space free when Cirque-It Fitness classes aren’t running. Everything you need to run a group class can be stored in a single suitcase.

Do I need specialized training to have Cirque-It Fitness at my studio?2018-09-12T20:05:04+00:00

After attending our 1-day, 9-hour training fitness professionals can offer Cirque-It Fitness classes at their studios. They will also earn .9 ACE, NASM, and AFAA-approved credits.

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