Fitness pros, take our workshop and bring the power of circus-infused circuit training to your club.

Cirque-It Fitness (CIF) is an innovative workout experience that brings the magic of the circus to the everyday workout venue. It is not designed to make circus artists out of clients. Rather, the CIF mission is to give clients the highest quality, most fun, exhilarating, confidence-building workouts they’ve ever had while enabling them to feel the magic of challenging what they think is possible for themselves.

The CIF format encompasses a contemporary approach to training, supported by science to provide more beneficial results to our clients in less time.  We value quality over quantity, both in our classes, and in time it takes to plan them! We offer complete workout plans with corresponding music, making class prep minimal.  Learn something new, help intrinsically motivate clients, and provide an efficient cardio, flexibility, and strength training workout in just 45 minutes. Join Team CIF!