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Want to work out like one of your favorite pop stars? You’ll love Cirque-It Fitness classes. The company’s circus-inspired circuit training sessions are the brainchild of today’s guest, Elizabeth Skwiot, and co-founder Dreya Weber, who has worked with Madonna, Cher, P!nk, Taylor Swift, and Britney Spears on their performances. In this episode you’ll learn two ways to bring this fun, effective, innovative 45-minute, full-body workout to your city. Cirque-It Fitness is currently working to expand its training centers for certified fitness professionals interested in offering this unique class and has set up a CrowdFund page for this purpose.  Want to be the ‘star of your own show?’ You will love some of the generous perks offered as a thank you for your backing to this crowdfunding campaign on the iFundWomen platform. Be sure to share with your friends in the 5 key cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, and New York who want to change up their fitness routines in a fun way.  Don’t live in one of these metro areas? You can still bring this innovative workout to your hometown. Share the episode with your fitness professional friends. Instructor workshops are ACE-, NASM-, and AFAA- approved and can be completed with no added equipment. Come one, come all to the future of fitness!

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5 ways to stay motivated on days that end in “day”

Hi Team CIF,

One question that friends, clients and coaches have asked me a lot is how to stay motivated to workout, eat well, etc., when we just don’t feel like it. The truth is, most often we won’t feel like it. Here are a few of my suggestions for staying motivated on any day, and not only on #motivationmonday. Do any of these resonate with you? Let me know in the comments below!

1. Chalk up wins. Too often our day is busy and we say we ‘only’ have 15 minutes to workout so why bother, or we avoid the gym because we feel slow, squishy, don’t know how to use the machines, what have you. Instead, make it a goal to chalk up wins. If you only have 10 minutes, do an 8-minute circuit (add a minute of warm-up and stretching on each end) in the living room (any Cirque-It Fitness class participant will tell you that you can do a LOT in 8 minutes!). If a gym machine confuses you, ask a staff member to help you. If the free weight section intimidates you, start with walking over, doing a simple exercise, and leaving. Find ways to do what you can and OWN IT.

2. Enjoy new swag. If I get in a rut, sometimes I’ll go shopping and get myself something new to wear. It doesn’t need to be expensive…even if I get a single pair of new running socks, or a tank off the clearance rack, or a water bottle that’s easy to hold on my runs, I’ll get excited to wear and use my new treats. If you have shoes that work and gear you enjoy wearing, you’ll be more incentivized to workout. Discount stores (like TJ Maxx and Marshalls) can be a great place to get started, and a lot of websites have sales and online clearance ‘racks’ where you can shop from your own home–for example, Alala has a great sale going on right now!: Summer Sample Sale - Up to 80% Off select styles at ALALA, and did you know everyone’s favorite shapewear now has leggings? Top 5 Best Selling Leggings!

3. Try something new. If we’ve been doing the same workout routine for a while, mixing things up can help us get excited to move. When I re-wrote my Cirque-It Fitness program, I tried all kids of classes at various studios to learn about what I liked (and didn’t) so I could make the program the best it could be. Find introductory deals at local studios and gyms for free or low-cost classes to shake things up and meet some new people.

4. Make a fitness happy hour. That friend you’ve been wanting to get together with but say you never have time? Make the time. Have them meet you at a new studio (#3 above), wear a new tank or legging (#2), celebrate the win by taking a photo (#1), then get a healthy juice or meal afterward. You save money on drinks, cut calories, have fun, see a friend, try something new, and get a workout in. BAM.

5. Be nice. I find clients say things to themselves they would NEVER say to a friend or even a stranger. If you told a friend, “working out is too expensive, you don’t have time, you are too weak, you are too fat, you are too slow…” how motivated would they be to start? Not very. Talk to yourself the way you’d talk to your best friend who’s on a fitness journey. “Some workout is better than nothing.” “It’s not selfish to take care of yourself.” “Remember when you were sick and couldn’t work out the way you wanted? You can enjoy it now. I’ll join you.” etc. etc. Be your own coach, cheerleader, and best friend. Sounds like a motivated team to me.

Always move forward!

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Help us create the future of fitness! Visit our crowdfund on iFundWomen

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Cirque-It Fitness iFundWomen crowdfund from Cirque-It Fitness on Vimeo.

Do you want to experience more joyful movement and help others do the same? Do you want to see a fitter, healthier, happier world?

Cirque-It Fitness is growing, and we need your help! We are expanding our program to cities across the US and starting with Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, and New York. Please visit our crowdfunding page on iFundWomen–a great platform for female entrepreneurs to raise capital and grow their businesses.

We have a number of great rewards, including:

*Private, semi-private, and group training sessions with Dreya Weber in Los Angeles
*For trainers and studios–group training and equipment packages so you can bring Cirque-It Fitness to your gym or club
*A webinar with Dreya Weber–ask her what it was like to perform at the Olympics, get Pink ready for her Grammy performance, or any number of questions!
*swag emblazoned with our beautiful logo

Thank you for your support and for sharing our campaign with your friends. Step right up and join us in creating the future of fitness!

CIF Founder Elizabeth Skwiot on “The Throwdown” with MMA Fighter/Boxer Mariah Prussia

Take a listen to the recent interview our Founder, Elizabeth Skwiot did with Mariah Prussia, a fitness professional, model, MMA fighter and boxer in Fargo, North Dakota. Mariah and Elizabeth chat how they met, how the circus influenced Elizabeth’s self-image, working in the fitness industry, the CIF ‘Dream Team’ and how Cirque-It Fitness benefits trainers, studios, and clients.

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Press Release: Dreya Weber, Aerial Choreographer and Trainer to the Stars, Joins Cirque-It Fitness as Director of Brand Experience

Dreya Weber Photo by Michael Doucett

SAN DIEGO, CA, April 16, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Cirque-It Fitness, the “boutique studio in a suitcase” that enables any gym or fitness studio to offer its proprietary circus-infused circuit training workout, is proud to announce the addition of Dreya Weber to its executive team as Director of Brand Experience.

“Studios and personal trainers will now benefit from Dreya’s experience to help them differentiate themselves in a competitive boutique fitness market,” remarked company founder and CEO, Elizabeth Skwiot. “Clients want not only an elite workout, but a one-of-a-kind experience. Dreya’s involvement catapults the power of Cirque-It Fitness to offer both.”

Ms. Weber’s credentials in the fitness and acrobatic world are extensive and include choreographing countless aerial acts for celebrities–including pop star Pink’s iconic Grammy performance–and serving as video talent and fitness model for Beachbody’s wildly successful P90X series which has generated over $700 million in revenue. In her role as Director of Brand Experience, Ms. Weber will hone the company’s uniquely curated fitness class involving signature movement, language, and music.

Studios and trainers implementing Cirque-It Fitness (CIF) into their programming will now have enhanced content developed by Ms. Weber as part of their monthly license, enabling them to offer a standout client experience coupled with the expertly-designed Cirque-It Fitness workout. The company plans to launch a version that includes the apparatus designed by Ms. Weber for Pink. This same apparatus is used by the men of Magic Mike Live and in Cher’s current world tour, thus offering studios a way to elevate the client experience and differentiate themselves in the competitive boutique fitness industry.

Ms. Weber stated, “Human beings crave flight and Cirque-It Fitness is a great first step in developing the strength and confidence to learn aerials and support a vital life. In a compact, high-energy workout, clients can gain upper body and core strength building a foundation for all sports, but especially aerial arts. I am thrilled to be a part of this new, fun approach to fitness.”

“Cirque-It Fitness is grounded in science and biomechanics” confirmed Skwiot. “Yet CIF is more than exercise. When you leave our 45-minute workout, you feel enlivened, inspired, and hopeful—just as millions have felt after experiencing one of Dreya’s aerial creations. She is the perfect person to help studios and trainers translate Cirque-It Fitness into a slice of magic people can tap into every day.”

Cirque-It Fitness offers on-site trainings at host studios; its curriculum, co-written by Skwiot and fitness industry veteran Linda Shelton, has been approved by ACE, NASM, and AFAA for continuing education. Trainers and studios looking to add Cirque-It Fitness to their programs can call (833)2-Cirque or email train@cirqueitfitness.com. A current workshop schedule is also available on the company website, cirqueitfitness.com.

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You can’t clone yourself, but you can replicate what works

Hi Team,
I was invited again recently to contribute to the Association of Fitness Studios‘ blog–read here for some thoughts on creating a signature customer experience.

Even if you don’t work in the fitness industry, I think much of what I say is applicable to other areas of life. In essence, take what works for you and develop a process around it – it can be a work process, a workout process, a way of communicating, or even a way of relaxing. If we can all streamline more of what works, we can start that upward spiral that spreads positive energy to other areas of our lives and those around us.

In good health,

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